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Welcome to the 2017-2018 USA Eagles Football Club team page

Represent Your Country

The U.S. Federation is the U.S. Representative to the International Federation of American Football and is charged with the responsibility of forming the U.S. Men's National Team for IFAF sanctioned World Events such as the World Games 2017 in Poland, the Men's World Championship to be held in 2019 and other important tournaments and friendly competition events.

USFAF takes the task of forming these teams seriously and  we work diligently to identify the best coaches and athletes available.

Interested in Playing for the USFAF Men's National Team?

RB Jason Washington vs Italian National Team

For serious athletes who have collegiate experience, and who have a deep desire and personal commitment to earning your stars and stripes on the USFAF Men's National Team, this is place for you.  Enjoy outstanding international competition against the National Team Programs of countries around the world.  

You will enjoy making great friendships with your new teammate, those athletes and coaches on the opposite team, and experience cultural exchanges with host nations.

For those interested in pursuing international player contracts with professional and club teams in Europe, this is the very best way to give those coaches an opportunity to evaluate you live and on the playing field.

It all starts with your registration as an Athlete for the U.S. Federation Men's National Team.

For the Athlete Registration Page that gets it all started just click  HERE

Coaching The USFAF. Men's National Team!

If you have what it takes to lead and oversee the development of our athletes as they prepare for tough international competition, then we want to talk with you.

The non-negotiable attributes of a coach of the USFAF Men's National Team:

You have to demonstrate honest, self-less determination toward our goal, display servant-leadership and respect for our athletes and fellow coaches and staff.

Be Organized:
Our program teams have a very short period of time in which to prepare for very competitive and determined opponents.  You'll be required to have great organizational skills in order to effectively utilize your time and to get the very best of our athletes.

Have a Plan:
Whether a position assistant or a coordinator, you'll need to  be prepared to execute a plan to get the best of our athletes and prepare them for the challenge ahead.

Motivated by Work Ethic:
Your work-ethic should keep you poised to keep you composed and in control.  You're ready to outwork everyone and put long hours into the grind of preparation.

Outstanding Teacher:
There's a lot to teach in a very short period of time.  You will be required to have an effective plan to pass experience and knowledge to our athletes.

Be Positive and Energetic:
Your positive and energetic attitude is contagious to the rest of our staff and to our athletes.  They look forward to the grind of the team meetings and practice session because your attitude is contagious.

A Communicator:
The ability to Communicate difficult concepts and ideas is an indispensable attribute of every coach on our staff.

Hold our athletes to a high standard of excellence on and off the field.  Lead by true example.

Be a Leader:
Your leadership abilities will be important to the entire team  Meet those non-negotiable attributes above and you can join us in leading the U.S. Men's National Team.

Interested in coaching with us?  Click the link HERE and let's get started.


USA Eagles Football Club News

World Games 2017

By USA Eagles 03/22/2017, 3:15pm EDT

USFAF Named U.S. Representative to World Games 2017

The U.S. Federation of American Football has been named the United States Representative to the World Games 2017 to be hosted in Wroclaw, Poland in July.

The U.S. Federation National Team will play Germany's National Team on July 22 at Olympic Stadium - Wroclaw. Poland and France will play that same day with the winners of the two games meeting for the World Games Championship the evening of July 24.

For more information, please visit

Kevin Booker Named Defensive Coordinator

By USA Eagles 03/16/2017, 1:45pm EDT


Kevin Booker (aka GUNZ) named Defensive Coordinator of USA Eagles

After holding the heart of our defensive unit in his hands the past ten years, Gunz will step into the leadership role of our team as our Defensive Coordinator and will also coach linebackers. No individual has a better grasp of our defensive philosophy than Gunz and I'm confident he will make an immediate impact on how our defensive unit performs.

Please reach out to Gunz and congratulate him on this position.

U.S. Federation of American Football Adopts World Anti-Doping

By USFAF News Feed 03/23/2017, 9:30am EDT

Anti-Doping Rules to apply to all USFAF sanctioned events

The U.S. Federation of American Football is proud to stand by IFAF in the adoption of a strict standard related to anti-doping and keeping our sport, and our athletes, clean of banned substances.

Scope of these Anti-Doping Rules
These Anti-Doping Rules shall apply to IFAF and to each of its National Federations. They also apply to the following Athletes, Athlete Support Personnel and other Persons, each of whom is deemed, as a condition of his/her membership, accreditation and/or participation in the sport, to have agreed to be bound by these Anti-Doping Rules, and to have submitted to the authority of IFAF to enforce these Anti-Doping Rules and to the jurisdiction of the hearing panels specified in Article 8 and Article 13 to hear and determine cases and appeals brought under these Anti-Doping Rules:

  1. all Athletes and Athlete Support Personnel who are members of IFAF, or of any National Federation, or of any member or affiliate organization of any National Federation (including any clubs, teams, associations or leagues);
  2. all Athletes and Athlete Support Personnel participating in such capacity in Events, Competitions and other activities organized, convened, authorized or recognized by IFAF, or any National Federation, or any member or affiliate organization of any National Federation (including any clubs, teams, associations or leagues), wherever held;
  3. any other Athlete or Athlete Support Personnel or other Person who, by virtue of an accreditation, a licence or other contractual arrangement, or otherwise, is subject to the jurisdiction of IFAF, or of any National Federation, or of any member or affiliate organization of any National Federation (including any clubs, teams, associations or leagues), for purposes of anti-doping; To be eligible for participation in International Events, a competitor must have personally signed the Appendix 3 consent form, in the actual form approved by the IFAF. All forms from Minors must be counter-signed by their legal guardians and
  4. Athletes who are not regular members of IFAF or of one of its National Federations but who want to be eligible to compete in a particular International Event. IFAF may include such Athletes in its Registered Testing Pool so that they are required to provide information about their whereabouts for purposes of Testing under these Anti-Doping Rules for at least one month prior to the International Event in question.


Within the overall pool of Athletes set out above who are bound by and required to comply with these Anti-Doping Rules, the following Athletes shall be considered to be International-Level Athletes for purposes of these Anti-Doping Rules, and therefore the specific provisions in these Anti-Doping Rules applicable to International-Level Athletes (as regards Testing but also as regards TUEs, whereabouts information, results management, and appeals) shall apply to such Athletes:

a. Athletes who are part of the IFAF Registered Testing Pool and Testing Pool;
b. Athletes who were part of the National Teams that have finished in the top three (3) in any IFAF World Championships.
c. Athletes who participate in select IFAF International Events published by IFAF on its website at the following link ( (or Athletes who are named to preliminary roster for these Events).

Ingolstadt Dukes

The USA Eagles Football Club is very pleased to announce that we have been invited to play in Germany on April 22, 2017 versus the Ingolstadt Dukes of the German Football League.

While the official game stadium is still being arranged, the program for the Eagle's participation has been settled. The game will be played Saturday, April 22, 2017 in Ingolstadt.

The Dukes enjoyed an undefeated 2016 season (15 - 0) and won the GF2 National Championship. The success earned them an opportunity to move up to the First Division of the German Football League for 2017.

The Eagles will be rolling out a new recruitment and signup process over the coming weeks. Watch this page often for those updates and the procedures for signing up for this event.

Five life lessons from Nick Saban's "process"

By JC Shurburtt, 247Sports 03/03/2017, 12:00pm EST

We’ve all heard about “The Process” as it relates to Alabama head coach Nick Saban and his program.

When most hear the term, they immediately picture Saban on the practice field, voice raised, intensity in his eyes and coaching his rear off.

But in digging into exactly what “The Process” is, one finds that it goes well beyond football. It’s actually a life philosophy rooted in sound psychological advice. It’s something that can be life-changing if adhered to properly, regardless of profession or situation.

Here are five life lessons we can all use from Saban’s process.

1- Focus on right now

As human beings, the most intelligent organisms on the planet, we tend to think deeply both about past and future. At times, if one is stuck in the past or overly-concerned about what lies ahead, it can be paralyzing in terms of important progress to be made today. We can’t do anything about yesterday and we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. Focus on today because that’s really all you’ve got.

2- Eliminate the clutter

We all have thoughts that come and go on a daily basis that aren’t necessarily related to the task at hand. This “clutter” can cause an internal train wreck in our minds and quite often can derail the best intentions of a single day. Get rid of the clutter. Block it out no matter what you have to do to do it. Ask yourself - “is this something that is relevant to what I have to do right now?” and if the answer is no, get it out of your head. Far too often, we get consumed with irrelevant thoughts.

3- Do not be attached to outcomes

This is at the core of The Process. The story is that when Saban was coaching at Michigan State, prior to the Spartans heading to Columbus to face No. 1 Ohio State, he instructed his team to simply focus on the next play like it was a game within itself and not worry about winning. The result? Michigan State upset the Buckeyes, 28-24, in one of the signature wins of Saban’s early career. It’s great to have goals, but in order to reach those goals, one has to put supreme focus on what it takes to achieve those goals, otherwise you will never get there.

4- Adversity is your friend

Saban has quoted the first like of the book The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck. The quote simply reads “Life is difficult”. That’s true. There won’t be a person on this Earth that does not face some sort of adversity along the path of life. While having to overcome adversity isn’t all that pleasant at times, Saban says that the achievements in the face of adversity are what makes achievements even more worthwhile.

5- Mental toughness and discipline are paramount

To face the certain adversity in life, one must have mental toughness to push forward and be able to block out the clutter, focus on today, etc. They also must have the discipline to handle the day’s business, which won’t always be the comfortable decision. Saban remarked in a speech once that most people have something every day that they don’t want to do, but they know they should, so they do it (or the opposite). Likewise most people have something every day that they know they should not do and they choose not to (or the opposite). It’s these daily choices that are influenced by our discipline and mental toughness in terms of having the strength to make the right ones.

It’s quite interesting that Saban’s success as a head coach has really come down to a life philosophy. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of the Alabama football program, Saban or anything else that rabid fans of other teams love to hate on, this type of advise is good for all of us to follow if we want to be successful. I know I picked up a lot of useful information in studying up on it and would encourage you to do the same.

JC Shurburtt  @jcshurburtt

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